The London Townhouse Kitchen

Creating bespoke handmade kitchens across Central & South London.

Over recent decades, the London townhouse has enjoyed an outstanding resurgence in popularity. Now highly sought after, they make an extremely wise and lucrative investment. So, it’s not surprising that there’s been an equally popular resurgence in designs for London townhouses and bespoke handmade kitchens.

Of course, you don’t have to live in London to enjoy the benefits of a London townhouse kitchen.

In this particular case, a traditionally sized Victorian townhouse kitchen, proved too small and impractical to meet the needs of an ever growing busy family. With plenty of activity in this busy South London Kitchen centred around entertaining, homework and study, extra space became critical.

To provide this our Clients embarked on a tasteful extension to both the side and the rear, together with the removal of some internal walls. This totally transformed the rather cramped existing kitchen.

Now, coupled with an extremely thoughtful design of their South London townhouse kitchen, the Clients precise requirements were entirely fulfilled and a vast open family living area complete with a London townhouse handmade kitchen has provided ample space for entertaining, studying or lounging in front of the big screen hanging high up on a wall.

Key Features

  –  Cabinetry Colour – Lamp Room Gray

 –  Island Colour – Down Pipe 

  –  Main Work Surfaces – Steel Grey Honed Granite

  –  Island Work Surface – White Quartz  

  –  Oak Dovetailed Serving Trays

  –  Extra wide mantel  

  –  The Butler Cabinet

kitchen design London - Before & After
lamp room gray kitchen

Designing a Kitchen that meets the Family’s requirements

With the creation of this new open space, constraints on the kitchen design in London were considerably reduced.

We love designing beautiful yet multi-functional bespoke handmade kitchens in London to suit all the family’s requirements. However, the main concern with this London townhouse kitchen, was that each area would feel insular and isolated, so it was vital to blend these separate areas with complementary colour schemes and tastefully thought through textures to ensure a seamless design flow.

We started this bespoke kitchen design in London by using the island as a natural focal point, as it provides an ideal place for gatherings and entertainment. Next, we needed to consider the natural working triangle of the kitchen without impacting on the enjoyment of the kitchen for the rest of the family.

In this London kitchen design we located the worktop overhang and stools to one end of the island. This naturally kept people away from the prep/cooking and sink area, whilst maintaining that valued closeness needed to promote conversation.

Leaving space further into the kitchen allowed for the Client’s own table and a snug-style space for after dinner entertaining.

Let’s take a closer look

The Butler Cabinet

Our aptly named Butler cabinet is the ideal place to store all those “can’t live without” accessories.

Just cast your mind back to those bye-gone days of luxury kitchens in London and remember all those duties the Butler would normally perform.

Teas, coffees, toast all served with a smile.

Now our unique Butler cabinet is a natural home for all those accessories that have replaced “Mr Bye Gone” Butler.

An unexpected knock at the door, whilst in the middle of creating a culinary masterpiece, just close the bi-folding doors and the kitchen will be neat and tidy.

Yet another wonderful treat in this bespoke London townhouse kitchen.

So wherever you live in London a bespoke Butler cabinet is simply a must !

Bespoke London Kitchens - Dovetailed Oak Serving Trays in London

A Pair of Solid Oak Dovetailed Trays

The perfect serving accoutrement purpose made to fit any of our bespoke handmade kitchens in London or across the South East.

When it comes to kitchen furniture in London, you will have all the choices you will ever need. We guide each Client step by step through the key stages of their London kitchen design, making sure the end result is entirely unique to you.

Our bespoke kitchen design here in London must simply ooze luxury and include many smart design features just like our solid oak trays.

When designing bespoke London handmade kitchens, these oak trays would be perfect for serving meals, teas and coffees, cocktails on the patio and of course provide a helping hand whilst clearing away.

With their solid bottoms and their high sides, plates, cups and saucers can be piled high – the perfect labour saving mealtime accessory.

To set this townhouse kitchen apart from the rest, the cabinetry incorporates a moulded shaker door, which has a small quarter rounded bead that perfectly complements the beaded frame.

A Four Metre Wide Mantle

Our Clients had always dreamt of a large mantel and were delighted with our kitchen design for this London family. This four metre (13.12ft) mantel looks simply stunning!

Who would know that the far right hand supporting pier was formed from existing solid brickwork, whereas the left hand pier and the flyover bridge were all manufactured and installed by the English Rose.

With a luxury mantel shelf that seems to flow on forever, an extractor neatly positioned on the underside of the bridge, and recessed spotlights that bring brightness to those otherwise shadowy recesses – who could ask for more.

This painted lamp room gray kitchen contrasts perfectly with the dark steel grey granite and light tiled flooring. 

Don’t forget those striking brilliant white wall tiles that flow right down to the chunky dark grey granite shelf that really sets this bespoke handmade London kitchen apart from the rest.

A Granite Upstand Shelf

When designing this bespoke kitchen our Clients requested that their spices and oils were kept close to hand, but did not impose on the worktops themselves.

This granite upstand shelf was the perfect place to locate these items, keeping them close by when cooking.

The worktops remain full depth (approximately 600mm) and the shelf is an additional 100mm deep which leaves the worktops completely clutter free for cooking, such a clever idea for this high end London kitchen.

The use of a handcrafted granite shelf running right along the wall behind the hob is a perfect way to accommodate the extra deep industrial style gas hob. The shelf actually reduces in depth behind the hob, to facilitate its installation.

All of our designs are extremely well thought through, working closing with each Client to ensure their dream kitchen comes to life, providing the very best bespoke handmade kitchens as an end result.

A Kitchen Island –  everyone’s dream

Just think of all that extra cupboard space and extra work surface that comes with an island.

Our bespoke handmade kitchens here in London normally include a kitchen island and this London townhouse kitchen was no exception.

The homeowners of this luxury kitchen in London decided to have their cabinets hand painted in Lamp Room Gray, a Farrow and Ball colour which contrasted perfectly with the Steel Grey Granite worktop.

For the island cabinets our Clients chose Railings another Farrow and Ball colour which contrasted beautifully with the brilliant white quartz worktop.

What a contrast in colour and what a contrast in design, for this beautiful London townhouse.