The Navy Shaker Kitchen

Creating handmade black blue shaker kitchens

Here our Clients had a clear vision of the style of kitchen they wanted to create. Navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets contrasting with white marble effect quartz worktops was a must, along with key storage and baking facilities to make cooking enjoyable once again.

This navy, black/blue kitchen needed to function well as a cooking space, suit a family life style and be able to support large gatherings.

Their Georgian inspired property had a large new extension to the rear which provided room for a new “super sized” kitchen with massive roof lights above, that allowed natural light to simply flood in.

What a perfect place for the family hub! 

Along with crafting this black blue kitchen we were commissioned to craft a spacious bookcase on the opposite wall to the kitchen that stretched to just over 5 metres (16.4ft) in length!

All was hand painted in Farrow & Ball “Railings.” What a stunning colour! – A soft black that has a hint of navy blue.

This property was styled to perfection by a wonderful interior designer that came highly recommended – Anna Wilson Interiors.

Working closely with her, we ensured that this navy shaker kitchen blended with the rest of the home.

Key Features

  –  Cabinetry Colour – Railings

  –  Work Surfaces – Marble Cararra Quartz

  –  Bespoke Canopy & Corbels

  –  Pull Out Larder

  –  Solid Oak Mug Drawer  

  –  Appliance Garage 

navy shaker kitchen ideas
navy shaker kitchen - Bespoke Handmade Black Blue Kitchens

This black blue shaker kitchen needed to work for every member of the family, from the parents, to their young daughters and their beloved family dog. Family life was essential and the kitchen needed to facilitate all the activities a family could throw at it. By incorporating bar stools on the island created a social place for a coffee and chat or helping with homework whilst cooking.

It was a true joy working on this project, adding bespoke cabinetry throughout in a stunning black blue colour. The canopy corbels are truly a “one off” designed and handcrafted especially for this Client.

The navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets provide the perfect contrast with the polished brass cabinet handles, polished brass butt hinges and matching taps.

The Marble Cararra Quartz worktops reflects all the natural light that floods in from the large windows and skylight, creating a bright family kitchen, even with a dark grey shaker kitchen colour.

With two tall single larders, one positioned each side of the American Fridge Freezer we designed the perfect storage solution for a busy family. The first larder comprises five shelves and the other larder incorporates a full height pull out making access and life even easier.

The butler cabinet next to the larders sits on the worktop and provides a great hiding place for a microwave, coffee machine, mixers and even additional storage.


Let’s take a closer look

Appliance Garage

Our perfect “Hide Away” Cupboard. If you’re caught right in the middle of making toast or making sandwiches and the door bell goes – don’t panic. Your friends have arrived early. So don’t worry – just push everything back and close the folding doors.

Who would know? Our appliance garage named “The Butler Cabinet” is everyone’s best friend.

Whether it’s a hidden microwave, a food mixer or the famous toaster, they’re all hidden away with the closing of the doors. Yes hidden away in seconds! It certainly is out of sight and out of mind.

But what a wonderful area to store all those special items. Not just microwaves, mixers or toasters, but also food mixers, juicers, coffee makers etc. 

All positioned out of sight when not in use and merely pulled forward for immediate use.

What a wonderful idea for using mixers and juicers as you go, and just closing the doors to tidy up. Perfect!

navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets - Storage
Black Blue Kitchen Pull Out Larder Storage

Pull Out Larder

Take a look at our stunning navy blue shaker kitchen “pull out larder” cabinets.

Just open the door and watch it all slide out, entirely for your convenience.

If you like to know where everything is and know that everything has its place, then our pull out larder cupboard is simply a must for you.

The basket mechanism is attached to the door, so that as you open the door, the baskets are effortlessly pulled forward and emerge in full view to reveal the entire contents of the larder.

You could spend all day opening and closing the door and watching the baskets glide in and out, in the full knowledge of knowing that as the baskets finally slide back in, the soft close mechanism on the hinges, springs into action and slowly and effortlessly closes the door, without the slightest bang.

But the clear win here is its ability to display the full contents of this larder, in beautiful chrome baskets that are able to effortlessly slide out to you.

No more ferreting around in the back of a cupboard, trying desperately to find something that you thought you might have.

And what’s more, the height of each basket is totally adjustable. So the internal layout and just what you keep in each basket, is totally up to you.

Handmade Canopy – Unique Just For You

Whether you just want to hide an ugly extractor and its flue, or whether you want to design an exciting feature, a hand made canopy is just the ticket – especially when it‘s designed, manufactured and installed just for you!

And remember, when it’s designed just for you, you can rest assured that nobody else in this big wide world has a canopy like yours.

The design possibilities are endless. Large corbels, small corbels, take the canopy right up to the ceiling or leave it short. Have a large frieze (that’s the moulded piece around the bottom of the canopy) or have a small frieze. It’s all your choice.

But in the end, whether you decide to have a massive canopy or a dainty one, you can be assured of one thing – it will look absolutely gorgeous all painted up and looking pristine and bright.

So now, all that’s left for you to do is to choose exactly what colour to have. Perhaps it will be a light coloured one that blends in with the walls and ceiling or, you could be daring and choose a dark navy blue colour, perhaps something like Railings or Hague Blue that contrasts with its surroundings.

blue black kitchen cabinets with a bespoke oak Tea & Mug Drawer

Solid Oak Tea & Mug Drawer

What a unique idea!

One large navy blue shaker cupboard door concealing three internal solid oak drawers.

Here the Top drawer housed over seven types of tea, all neatly packed away in a variety of packets and boxes.

Then came the Middle drawer with ample room to set out all their mugs and cups.

Finally, the Bottom drawer, for all those “difficult to find a home for” items. You might call it your bits and bobs drawer.

Packs of Nespresso pods, tins of chocolate powder, and of course, anything else that it’s “difficult to find a home for”.

100cm Lacanche Classic Range Cooker: Macon

Another best selling range cooker from Lacanche.

This beautiful Lacanche Classic Range Cooker looks absolutely stunning in Ivory and particularly attractive with these brass trimmings that tie into this navy shaker kitchen.

As you can see from the picture on the right, this Lacanche is flanked on either side by a 920 mm wide drawer stack complete with solid oak drawers and soft close full extension drawer runners.

These back blue drawer stacks are the perfect location for pots, pans and baking tins to assist whilst cooking a family meal.

The range cooker features both polished brass and a brushed chrome trim, which ties in a mixture of metal finishes throughout this Railings Kitchen. The polished brass ties in with the handles and the brushed chrome ties in with the American Fridge Freezer creating perfect harmony.

Now just stand back in awe, and view the entire stunning elevation. An incredibly beautiful Lacanche Macon Range Cooker in Ivory, contrasting with the dark navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets.

navy blue shaker kitchen cabinets with Lacanche Range Cooker