The Open Plan Kitchen

Creating handmade open plan kitchens

This large open plan kitchen had all the space our clients were dreaming of. A perfect hub not only for a kitchen and island but spacious enough for an open plan lounge and dining area too – one space for all.

The original kitchen was around a third of the size, a long but narrow room which greatly benefited from a large kitchen extension that provided a much needed solution to create this open plan grey kitchen.

When our clients were planning their open kitchen, design would be a big part and there where specific features they wanted to incorporate into kitchen cabinetry. From a way of hiding the gas meter, to maximising the 2.7 metre high ceilings and of course ensuring that the island size and proportion was suited to the open plan room.

Our clients loved the idea of open plan living, this room soon became the heart of their home and was the perfect place for an open concept kitchen with an island.

The new extension omitted most of the outside patio but the open plan kitchen, diner and lounge was a far better use of space. Our clients chose two large roof lights which flooded the lounge, dining table and kitchen with natural light. Just imagine sitting on the sofa or at the dining table and looking up at the sky from indoors!

The main wall measured 6.6 metres and featured our clients beloved Rangemaster Elan 110 dual fuel cooker. The bespoke mantel was 2.7 metres wide which provided a stunning focal feature for this open plan kitchen.

Key Features

  –  Cabinetry Colour – Purbeck Stone

 –  Island Colour – Stiffkey Blue 

  –  Work Surfaces – Marble Carrara Quartz  

  –  Bespoke Mantel

  –  Wine Rack  

  –  Larder Pantries 

Open plan kitchen designs with island
open concept kitchen with large island

All open plan kitchen designs have one thing in common – storage is key.

Everyone is keen on storage and this becomes even more important when you are choosing an open concept kitchen with an island. So we worked closely on this kitchen design ensuring that every cabinet met our client’s needs. Our clients wanted to create a bright and spacious kitchen, lounge and diner so when the family were round, they could all be together in one room.

Although our clients said that they didn’t always have the same style, when it came to designing the open plan grey kitchen they were both completely united, even if they didn’t know it.

I still remember the first time they visited our workshop and they noticed our worktop samples. One of my favourites is a Marbre Carrara Quartz worktop which they both loved. This then sparked the husband to announce that he had been secretly thinking of a dark blue island as a contrast to the grey cabinetry. The look on his wife’s face will always stay with me, she was absolutely shocked as she’d been thinking of the same idea!

A kitchen island is always at the top of our clients wish list. From additional storage, to a social place to locate a sink or hob and for the added bonus of extra worktop space! But another wonderful part of this open plan kitchen island was the stories from our clients of their first young grandchild crawling around their new island, with grandpa playing chase – such wonderful memories that will last them a lifetime.

Let’s take a closer look:

Open Plan Kitchen with Island

This open concept kitchen with a large island measured 2960mm long x 1340mm deep (9.71 feet x 4.39 feet) and was a whole slab of quartz worktop.

The island housed a double butler sink, fully integrated dishwasher and a large pull out bin along with additional storage the other side.

As symmetry was key within this kitchen the taps were designed and installed centred to the range cooker.

Our clients were also very keen to incorporate seating on their open plan kitchen island, so we suggested arranging the stools in an “L-Shape” as this creates a more sociable arrangement.

When creating each cabinet by hand, there are many open plan kitchen designs with island to consider.

Surely an open plan kitchen with a large island and plenty of storage would be at the top of everyone’s wish list!

open plan kitchen designs - open plan kitchen with island
Open plan kitchen storage ideas

Two Door Butler Cabinet

Our clients also desired two special cabinets, one to locate her baking equipment plugged in ready to use, but hidden away and another cabinet for her husband.

He was an extremely keen cyclist so it was essential that his juicer, blender and protein powders all had a home, again hidden out of slight.

So we designed a “His and Hers” two door butler cabinet one located at each end of this kitchen, where they could store their most used items but easily close the doors to keep the kitchen clear and not impose on the open plan kitchen.

The best part of our Butler Cabinets, is that they do not have a cabinet bottom, instead the worktop sweeps straight through, from front to back. This then allows for mixers, toaster etc. to remain plugged in and slides easily forward to use – no more lifting heavy mixers around the kitchen!

Our clients had many open plan kitchen extension ideas and we helped talk each cabinet through to ensure that they had the kitchen of their dreams.

American Fridge Freezer Surround

As with most open plan kitchen extensions, there is usually a wall nib that supports a steel beam across the ceiling.

Our clients were extremely keen to find a solution to not only hide the wall nib but to maximise storage.

The larder to the left of the American Fridge Freezer was in fact shallow depth. This gave our clients the perfect place to display their spices and oils, each one easily accessible.

The larder on the right, was full depth and provide ample space for their other items.

And let’s not forget about the wine rack – storing 16 bottles of our client’s favourite wine, complete with a second set of wall cabinets above to create this grand open plan kitchen.

open kitchen ideas
open plan grey kitchen

Break Front Cabinetry & Quartz Upstand Shelf

A clever way of adding interest to a very long run of cabinetry is to create a breakfront.

By stepping the Rangemaster ELAN 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker and the drawer stack each side forward helps to focus the eye on the range cooker and mantel without overpowering the space.

The other bonus of a breakfront is to use the space left behind which can be turned into a handy quartz worktop shelf, as provides either a shelf for everyday items (salt & pepper) or more decorative items.

Open Plan Kitchen Colour Schemes

This kitchen was hand painted in a mid grey colour, the island was a mid-to-dark blue and both paint colours contrasted beautifully together and with the white marbre carrara quartz worktops.

Our clients added in different shades of grey and blue to create individual zones, but also to create a room that fitted together.

The splashback tiles were a slightly darker shade of grey and the wall colour in the lounge and dining room was a lighter shade of blue, each providing a subtle contrast.

The wooden floors were actually tiles with a wood grain. The colour tone of the flooring was picked out by the stunning brick slips that were fitted on the wall as you walk into the kitchen.

Open Plan Kitchen Diner