The Two Tone Shaker Kitchen

Creating handmade grey shaker kitchens

Our clients had a clear vision for their new kitchen extension and a two tone shaker kitchen was at the top of their list.

They also wanted their new grey shaker kitchen extension to create a family space, where they could all cook, dine and relax together.

A perfect place for a busy, growing family – together in one room, but not on top of each other.

This two tone grey shaker kitchen complete with an island featured Farrow & Ball “Pavilion Grey”
painted cabinets to the Main Kitchen with contrasting dark steel grey honed finish granite for the worktops.

By contrast the Island cabinets were painted in Farrow & Ball “Railings” (a dark grey colour) complete with a contrasting white Marbre Carrara quartz worktop.

Key Features

  –  Cabinetry Colour – Pavilion Grey

  –  Island Colour – Railings

  –  Main Work Surfaces – Steel Grey Honed Granite

  –  Island Work Surface – Marble Carrara Quartz 

  –  Mantel hiding a structural wall column

  –  Spice & Pantry Larder

painted grey shaker kitchen designs
grey kitchen white worktop - modern grey shaker kitchen

We specialise in handmade “In-Frame Kitchens” and this kitchen was no different. Boasting a plain shaker door set inside a plain frame complemented by sating chrome butt hinges to match their handles, American fridge freezer and range cooker.

This grey shaker kitchen has a subtle modern twist, all due to the two tone grey colour scheme.

One of our favourite features in this kitchen is the island. The dark grey kitchen island cabinets are contrasted perfectly with white countertops, the island worktop is made from quartz which has a marble effect vein running through it. The island posts are another beautiful feature as they introduce a furniture look to the island.

The clients of this modern grey shaker kitchen showcased their beautiful decorative items throughout this shaker kitchen, providing that all important family feel.

The mantel shelf beams with pride and the island can comfortably seat 4 people, so they can all be together.

Creating hand painted grey shaker kitchens for our clients is truly a wonderful experience.

Let’s take a closer look:

Bespoke Mantel – How to hide structural columns in a kitchen

Our Clients were very keen to explore ways of hiding an existing structural brick pier that projected out into the room. Our solution was a bespoke mantel. A rather ingenious way to hide a structural eyesore. And they just loved it!

From the photo to the right, can you guess which pier we manufactured and installed and which pier is the existing brick pier ?

In fact, we ended up manufacturing the complete right hand pier, the complete flyover bridge unit (that’s the full width of the mantle – some 2.7 metres and right up to the ceiling) and the front part only of the left hand pier.

This beautifully bespoke mantel created the perfect feature for the Rangemaster Elise 110 in a slate grey finish with a brushed chrome trim.

The mantel bridge and piers were painted in the same colour as the walls, as this makes the new handmade mantel look like a traditional existing chimney breast. Painting the modern mantel shelf in the same light grey as the cabinets helps to draw the eye to the display items.

modern grey shaker kitchen
Handmade Grey Shaker Kitchen Larder and Spice Rack

Larder Pantry & Oak Spice Rack

Our grey bespoke kitchens often have a much needed larder pantry – its the perfect storage solution that provides expansive space for all your items.

Just fill the pantry shelves with everything you need and be amazed at how many items you can store away and be even more amazed at how much clear space you have left.

Banish the days of turning out the entire contents of a cupboard, painstakingly searching for an item that just won’t be found.

With such a massive cupboard, and equally massive shelf space, everything is laid out so clearly that it is virtually impossible to lose anything.

And for those everyday items that are required on a daily basis, there is always the solid oak spice rack, that places items on display.

They say, “organise your pantry and organise your life!”

So remember, with our Painted Grey Shaker Kitchens comes our jaw dropping mantels, our “Mary Poppins” larder pantry and our idyllic solid oak spice racks.

Double Butler Sink

Sleek, stylish and incredibly functional.

A Ceramic Double Bowl Butler Sink marries perfectly with any type of shaker kitchen.

No sink looks finer or classier than a Ceramic Double Bowl Belfast Sink and the Franke VBK 720 is purely stunning.

When designing this kitchen, our clients loved the two tone shaker kitchen look, blending light grey cabinetry with a darker steel grey granite worktop provided a striking contrast.

All of our shaker kitchens are truly unique and this kitchen featured a narrow cabinet for the clients existing towels and trays, along with the much loved double butler sink and of course an integrated dishwasher!

A large pull out bin is located opposite the sink in the island.

Above the sink cabinetry are two open painted wall cabinets, a handy place to locate glasses.

grey kitchen white worktop

Odd Shaped Kitchen Layouts

Odd shaped kitchen layouts become easier when crafting the cabinets by hand.

When designing this grey shaker kitchen we wanted to ensure that the angled wall to the far left of the mantel, became a design feature rather and an award corner.

The real advantage of our own workshop is that our cabinets are made by hand with – any shape, any size and any colour.

This grey shaker kitchen featured a large bookshelf which was ideal for recipe inspiration and the contents of the wine rack were there to inspire. With both cabinets located up high and out of reach for little hands, they remained easily accessible to the adults.

The light grey base cabinets below the bookcase provide not only additional storage, but also extra worktop space for all those must have items that are used on a daily basis.

The angled wall in this grey shaker kitchen provided a great home for our client’s mixers, blenders and coffee machine etc, without this grey two toned kitchen feeling cramped. Everything has its place.

Dark Grey Kitchen Island with a White Worktop

Another beautiful feature of this two tone shaker kitchen is the island. Painted in Farrow & Ball “Railings” and completed with a striking marble white quartz countertop.

This dark kitchen island is the perfect place to sit and chat, the cabinet symmetry provides not only functional storage space but is also pleasing to the eye.

The centred drawer stack which comprises three soft closing solid oak drawers is the ideal location for utensil (in the top drawer) and baking dishes/trays (inside the two pan drawers below).

When designing a shaker kitchen island aesthetics and practicality are at the forefront of our designs. We enjoy talking through how our clients would use the space, to make sure that every item is close to hand.

This island was only intended for prep and socialising, so we kept the main appliances away from the island to provide an uncluttered open space.

We recommended locating a plug socket to one end of the island, as this is a great place to plug in any small hand held appliances whilst baking. Plus our clients also had the perfect place to charge their mobile phones/tablets while sitting on the island stools.

dark grey kitchen island with white marble quartz worktop