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A Father, a Son and A Daughter Team - Working side by side.

The English Rose Kitchen Company is a family run business and with over 20 years of design, craftsmanship & installation experience, so you can be assured that your new kitchen will bring your dreams to reality.

Our Kitchens are built by hand in the Heart Of Sussex, in our every own workshop ensuring that every cabinet is built with precision and quality. Our kitchens are truly Bespoke and this means that every cabinet will be: Any Height, Any Width, Any Depth & Any Colour - As standard.

We enjoying working closely with our Clients and service Central London, South London, Surrey & Sussex. If your area is not mentioned, please do contact us to double check if we could work together.

Here at The English Rose Kitchen Company, all of our kitchens are handmade by our own team of cabinet makers in our very own workshop. We are proud of our English heritage and equally proud of creating by hand, wonderful furniture.

Our Bespoke Kitchens, are designed around your lifestyle, ensuring that your kitchen stands out from the crowd!

Why commission Us?

  • We believe in Family Values
  • Our Designers strive for the best
  • Truly Bespoke - Any Size & Any Colour
  • Made in England - by our craftsmen
  • Quality materials throughout
  • Dedicated installation teams
  • Creating Beautiful Handmade Kitchens throughout Central & South London, Surrey, Sussex & Kent
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Our Personal Approach

As a family business, we ensure a 'Hands-On' approach with all our clients. We professionally design your kitchen with you in the driving seat and of course, we are there to advise on colours, finishes, worktops, appliances etc. So all your requirements can be carefully catered for - Just for you.
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Bespoke Designs

Kitchens Designed - Exclusively for you

We will undertake a detailed survey of your kitchen, this will include taking detailed dimensions and establishing the location of all the services. If you are planning an extension we can work from your Architects drawings, to begin designing your dream kitchen. We will also discuss in detail with you to fully understand all of your desires and aspirations and skilfully incorporate these into our designs. This Survey & Design Consultation Service is completely free of charge. Many people these days have an excellent idea of exactly how they would like their kitchen to look. With this in mind, The English Rose Kitchen Company will make very effort to fully understand your desires and aspirations. We skilfully interpret these desires into our designs and behold - the kitchen of your dreams is born.  
Kitchens made by hand

Built with precision and quality - Every time

Here at The English Rose Kitchen Company we pride ourselves on our Quality. The materials we use are specially selected to ensure that we produce a quality kitchen every time. We have handmade hundreds of handmade kitchens over the years and are extremely proud of our product. Handmade from one family to another.  

Handcrafted in the Heart of Sussex

We enjoy walking our clients around our workshop, showing them the materials we use, the various machines in operation, our spray paint booths etc. and talking them through all the manufacturing processes involved in handcrafting their unique kitchen. We talk through various material choices and alternatives and explain why we think our choices are the best, what to look out for, what to stay away from and why.    So why not visit us and join us on a tour of our workshop.   Study our cabinetry in detail, examine our manufacturing skills and compare them with any other information you have received. We know that our product will stand up to detailed scrutiny. Get to know us and how we work - then make an informed decision on just who you want to work with and with whom you wish to share your dreams of a perfect kitchen.

A Fathers Tale

It all started a little over ten years ago. Back in those days, I was commuting up to London every day and had done so for some twenty years. Yes, bored with the journey, (two hours there and another two hours back and that's if the journey went smoothly), bored with my job and if I'm honest - bored with my life. Never had time for my family, especially when there was always another train to catch and always another journey to London, to be made. Then along came the 9/11 terrorist attack in the United States. When it happened, I never thought it would affect me. Never thought it would change my life forever. After all, why should it. But strangely enough, it did. At that time my Son had found employment in antique reproduction furniture and thoroughly enjoyed the manufacturing processes involved in the bespoke furniture industry. But sadly, as a direct result of 9/11, the Americans weren't so keen to fly across the Atlantic, and the antique reproduction market plummeted to a halt as those all to important 'Big American Orders' became a thing of the past. The Company my Son was employed with 'bit the dust' and my Son found himself unemployed and with little hope of any local employment. So one evening whilst we were chatting over a beer, I suggested we start our own business. We made a list of all the alternative businesses we could think of and after much deliberation - our kitchen manufacturing business was born.  We found ourselves an industrial unit, purchased the machines we needed and set up our very own factory/workshop. Needless to say, I packed up working in London and to some extent, got my life back. I probably work more hours now, than I did when I was travelling to London, but I look on these hours as an important investment. An investment in my business and for my family - and that just seems to make all the difference. My daughter was about 13 when our business started and now she's fully grown, in her 20's and runs the Office and handles most of the computer designs. So I've ended up working with both my Son and my Daughter, all day every day - and that's quite a change. Even now, there are times when I reflect back and think that it's so strange how events happening on the other side of the World, can 'kick start' a business into life and perhaps more importantly bring a family together. Although I'm sure there are times when both my Son and Daughter wouldn't agree.    

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